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Interrupting normal service....


As part of my final project for my MA, I'm building a music website. It's incorporating everything I do at Bamboozle, Slam Dunk, Give it a Name, Reading etc. as well as generic music interviews/reviews/features etc.

The point is... It's meant to be aimed at female music fans. So. What do you want from such a site. Do you think it's called for.... What would you like to see that the likes of Absolute Punk, NME, Rock Sound, Label/Band sites, MySpace, LJ comms etc don't already offer?

Is there anything you don't want to see that you think other female-orientated sites focus too much on? I am looking to the following people in particular, because I think you are especially amazing in this field:

myorangecrush , sparklyfiend , aartesia , jess_darkwater , surrrrah , roughbluewaters 

I'm going to leave this post public, and anonymous comments enabled so please feel free to go town on this one. And please, spread this to any people/communities you feel might have some good ideas. 

The site will be going live at some point in June, too. I expect you all to gush with approval ;] 

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interrupting this unofficial hiatus to bring some important news;

29th April - 6 May 2009?

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>not dead
>TAI yesterday
>TAI in Portsmouth in a coupla hours
>matt and leanne are angels
>I suck at rock band
>I miss kevin :( :( :(
>imy laura

thank you to everyone who made yesterday so awesome :)
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but all it takes is a comment. :]

Journal going under sever revamp in the coming hours/days/weeks depending on just how much procrastination to the procrastination I manage lulz.

In preparation of a Summer of being bored and spamming LJ communities like a mofo, I figured I should finally knock up a FAQ post.

If you think there's anything I'm lacking here, or just have something you always wanted to ask me feel free to comment and we'll see what we can do.

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521 - I can do shameless too.

I wish I could sleep
But I'm tied down dirty in these borrowed sheets
It's been a week & I've been singing to my feet, yeah
But I wont admit defeat til saturday, saturday, saturday 

For your information I love my demons
Because they keep me company
I've learned to love my new routine,
But on my better days, better days, better days...

Consider your self one of my best friends,
Consider your self one of my enemies 

I wish I could speak
But I spent the last half hour in the back room celebrating me
And now I feel a little cheap, yeah
But I wont admit defeat til saturday, saturday, saturday
It's not one of my better days, better days, better days 

Show a little skin and make a million
Bare a little soul you'll make a million more 

When I grow up,
Wanna be famous.
When you grow up
Will you still blame us? 

I wish I could sleep
I've been tied down dirty in these borrowed sheets,
It's been a bitch of a week, yeah
Saturday, saturday, saturday

These boys make my day a lot, lately ♥ ♥


I upload on the condition that you all steal it and tell me how much you love it in comment form, and tthen buy the album yourselves when you have cash. Hohyes
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I'm in the process of putting together this semesters magazine project; a summer holiday guide for school kids/families. One page covers the National Space Centre in Leicester, and so I need a fun-fact box of all your favourite geeky science facts. Forensics, physics, biology, chemistry... you name it, I want it.

satsuma77 and sushigal007 I'm looking at you in particular haha...

But yes. Please, kids. Doesn't matter how ridiculously dull you think it is, I want your geekiest, weirdest, funniest science knowledge. Just... no syphilis, plz. kthnxbi.
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465 - HRNK! Pointless information warning:

These are my boys. When this single comes out, you will buy it. I will owe you love, and you will feel special.

It freaks me out that that is on normal websites considering the last time I saw them, they didn't even have a contract. When I next see them, they'll be supporting New Found Glory and Paramore. Fucking crazy world....
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