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So show a little skin & make a million...

...bare a little soul, you'll make a million more.

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saturrrday [aka __lyla]
15 April 1987
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xxi years, two months, three days & eighty-one minutes.

:[ no more lyla-pirate.

__lyla >> saturrrday

still 21. still a journalism student at the university of lincoln. just about.

++ photographs, vinyl albums, polaroids, art journalling, bitching and moaning, fucking amazing mash-up remixes, starbucks, procrastination, kingdom hearts II, stationary geekery, ebaying utter shite i don't need, __rawr the iPod, sounding intelligent, &...

++ the academy is, paramore, fall out boy, boys like girls, kids in glass houses, cute is what we aim for, oasis, jimmy eat world, taking back sunday, motion city soundtrack, jay-z, the all-american rejects, brand new, the fray, the audition, howie day, incubus, hit the lights, panic at the disco, pink spiders, the wombats, shiny toy guns &..

++ friends are loved. except blatent fan-girls, non-commenters and non-updaters. I like to hear from people, that's why I have a friends list. It's my favourite way of procrastinating. & lets face it. I don't want to find a real job, do I...?

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& banner made by aartesia

if you find this i'll give you a cookie ;] comment me lolz.
...make it two! :]

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